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Although you probably rarely see them, there are still a large amount of antique trucks around.  You may think that these vehicles are only good for looking nice and starting up a conversation, but the values they hold may really surprise you.

First of all to become and antique truck, the truck has to be at least 25 years old. After this point is when the fun begins! Once a truck reaches antique status, the value can shoot up to unbelievable prices. If properly restored and taken care of, these antique trucks can be listed to prices anywhere above $10,000.

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Any automobile that can last to the age of 25 is rare, and its value will only increase more and more with each passing year. For those willing to invest both time and money; collecting, trading, buying and selling antique cars or trucks can be a profitable hobby.  Antique cars and truck's actually have their own market which, like any other market, fluctuates constantly.  Buying and selling antique trucks can turn out to be very profitable, if you know what you're doing.

Antique trucks have their own niche in the world of classic and antique vehicles. In fact, there is actually the 29th annual antique truck show this summer. The show is located in Macungie, PA on June 13 and 14. The show brings in a surprising amount of antique trucks and is expecting over 500 antique trucks this year. Also, tThe Antique Truck Club of America is growing and has chapters all over the country. The club has 30 chapters which even include one in Canada. There are three chapters in New Jersey, six in Pennsylvania, two in Massachusetts, five in New York, and two in Delaware.

The Antique Truck Club of America was founded in 1971 in Boyer town PA.  Their shows include three in March, two in April, two in May, six in June, and one in July.  These shows emphasize the dedication of the club to not only maintain and restore these vehicles, but express the history and uses of the antique trucks. Although the Antique Truck Club of America is one of the most popular venues for antique truck collectors, it is not the only way to see these beautiful trucks. 

The Antique Truck Historical Society in Winchester VA, also hosts annual tri state antique truck shows.  These shows generally bring in around 250 antique trucks every year, and their website provides pictures from every show they've had for the last four years.  The Antique Truck Historical Society has three chapters of its own which are located in Shenandoah Valley, Mason Dickson, and Susquehanna Valley.

Among other things, antique trucks help us maintain memories and images of the past.  These antique trucks are being bought and sold all over! So, if you're interested in finding a show near you, there should be no problem finding one. Between the many clubs you can find chapters near you or even visit the shows a few times a month. So, next time you here about an antique truck show in your area, don't be afraid to head down and learn some new facts about these beautiful and rare antiques. 

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