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Antique Car Values

Once a car officially becomes an antique, its value will immediately increase.  Even the most unappealing run down car on your block will increase its value once it reaches the age of 25.  Even though you may think 25 years isn't that old, when it comes to cars, it is!

Although the value will go up when a car reaches it's antique age it doesn't settle on a number.  Antique car values are like any other market you invest in. Values go up and down depending on the market trends. Therefore, selling your car at its highest point all depends on how much value it is holding at that point in time. This is why your antique car can only be as valuable as you make it by keeping your eye on the market.

When you're looking to purchase or sell your antique car, there is actually a list of conditions that rank antique car values from level 1 to 5 with one being the most valuable:

  • Level 1 (excellent) car is typically a car that isn't driven, and posses every original aspect.  Basically, level 1 antique cars are the ones meant for antique or classic car shows.
  • Level 2 antique car is known as fine.  These cars are supposed to look just as good as level 1 antique cars.  They basically have the same originality expectations, but usually show minimal wear and tear.  These cars must have been driven less then a thousand miles a year.
  • Level 3 antique car is still able to operate fully and still is in it's original form but commonly shows its age. 
  • Level 4 antique cars are ones that can still be driven but need a good deal of restoration.
  • Level 5 antique cars (restorable) usually won't run and need full restoration, but as with all antique cars still hold much value.

If your looking to figure out a reasonable price for an antique car based on verifiable market values, these levels (1-5) help to asses the antique car's ranking based on specific criteria i.e. a level one car should be a similar price to a brand new car of the same model. For each of the next two levels; the 2 year old price for a level 2 antique car, and three year old price of a level 3 antique car should suffice, all of the same model of course.

When considering how old antique cars are, it's amazing to think that even a level three car can be just as expensive as a three year old car of the same model. Even more unbelievable is that a level 1 car can be just as expensive as a brand new car!

If you have thought about looking into buying and selling antique cars or antique trucks, you should be sold by the numbers alone. Antique car values may vary depending on its condition, but with only a year difference, an antique car's value is substantially higher at the age of 25 then from when the car was 24. If you're in the business of buying cars and storing them until they reach proper antique status, imagine the profit you can make!


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