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Antique Car Insurance

Antique car insurance can be either very similar or very different from regular car insurance. Regardless of such differences, the worst thing you could do is not insure your antique car at all.

Usually, when people buy antique cars or antique trucks, they do not intend on driving them very often. In fact, many people buy and sell antique cars as a hobby in an attempt to make a little extra money. If you are not going to register the car nor drive it, then obviously you won't have to pay as much for antique car insurance. However, this is not recommended.

Another thing many people do with their antique cars is store them until they become antiques. Once again if you are storing a car then there is no immediate need to insure it. The only insurance you may want to get would cover the glass or body which could get some dinks from the wind or anything else throughout the time you are storing the car. In this case your antique car insurance will still be very low.

Possibly the most pricey thing in terms of car insurance is liability. If you were to hit somebody else's car, you want to avoid having to pay those expenses. Liability may also be the most important part of your car insurance, but not with antique car insurance. This is because anybody who owns an antique car does not depend on it for their everyday travel. Antiques cars must be at least 25 years old to be considered antiques, and I don't know anybody who would risk driving to work everyday in a car 25 years or older. In fact, once the car is registered, some states limit the amount of miles that an antique car may be driven. Other states only permit antique cars to be driven in parades or for car shows.

Even if you want to take your antique car for a spin every once in a while, it isn't very likely that you will be driving on the highway or anywhere faster then 25 miles per hour. Nevertheless, you may still want to be covered for liability, just in case.

If you decide to insure your antique car there are a few qualifications that most companies demand. One of these qualifications is that if any modifications were made to your car at any point, you need to provide a detailed analysis of what exactly was done. Antique car insurance companies want to make sure they know everything about the antique car that they are insuring.

Another main qualification is an excellent driving record. Some companies do not cover your antique car if you have had more then one at-fault accident or traffic violate in the last three years. Antique car insurance companies also tend to do business with antique car owners 26 years or older. They also require your antique car to be kept in a lockable garage when you are not driving it. Furthermore, they will not insure your antique car if it is your main source of transportation.

As in all car insurance aspects one of the major things to keep in mind is just how important a good driving record is. Since antique cars are more rare and delicate, some unusual precautions are included with most antique car insurance policies. With antique car insurance there is little room for error, which is something you should definitely keep in mind.


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